Tactical Services Offered

Tactical Services

Parkour Generations Americas offers a range of services utilizing the highly practical movement skills and methods of parkour to improve, assist and inform various tactical operations and training. Created with input from military and security personnel combined with knowledge drawn from the most experienced parkour practitioners in the world, we provide these services, and more.

Security Testing for Facilities

A facility is only as secure as its physical barriers are impenetrable. Whether it be looking to keep people in or prevent people from gaining access, security measures are often inadequate for the task and do not take into account the physical capabilities of individuals committed to either escaping or gaining access.

We provide actual, physical testing (often known as ‘penetration-testing’) of the security measures of facilities of all kinds, including:

  • Minimum-Maximum Security Correctional Centers
  • Secure Mental Facilities
  • High-Risk / Targeted Buildings
  • Educational Facilities
  • Private Property and Grounds

To find out if your facility’s security measures are effective, thorough and complete, we will have our team of experts put it to the test from every possible point of access and angle of approach, producing a full analysis of the tactical strengths and weaknesses of the building.

Tactical Movement Skills

Urban terrain navigation training can be of enormous benefit to:

  • Civil and Military Police Organizations
  • Military Groups
  • Fire-fighting Organizations
  • Rapid Response Units
  • Ambulance and Medical Staff
  • Other Emergency Services

Improving these skills can enable professionals to:

  • mobilize and deploy efficiently within any terrain
  • access critical areas or positions
  • operate effective pursuits
  • escape and evade pursuit
  • withdraw from high-risk areas with confidence and speed
  • overcome any physical obstacle impeding the progress of the operation

Practical Fitness Development

Understanding the physical tactical potential of any group of individuals, within any industry, is dependent firstly upon knowing the physical abilities, movement skills and fitness levels of those individuals. How fast can they move? What terrain can they handle while fully equipped for the task at hand? What targets can they access and in what timeframe? How covertly can they reach these targets?

Parkour Tactical™ training allows for any professional group or individual to understand the true potential of the human body/mind and to unlock that potential. Our team of expert consultants will devise a program of movement training to fit the unique needs of any group or situation, taking into account factors such as physical fitness levels, clothing/uniforms and essential equipment.

You will develop a level of practical strength and fitness you didn’t think possible, enabling you to move in ways you never imagined.